The police arrested a 16-year-old street robber who was attacking women in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

His accomplice is wanted, the attacker has already been identified. The detainee showed spots, particularly a cemetery in Uzhgorod, where he and his accomplice would throw handbags stolen from their victims. They would take only money and mobile phones…

Since the beginning of the year, 6 street robberies have been committed in the city of Uzhgorod.The robbers would attack lone women returning home at night on unlit streets.


The first two attacks on women took place in the evening of January 16 on Svoboda Ave. and General Svoboda Street. In the first case, the robbers took away from a pensioner a handbag with documents, a mobile phone and a watch. In the second case, there was money in the amount of UAH 1,100, a cell phone and keys to the apartment in the stolen bag.


The third attack occurred in the evening of January 18 on Lehotsky street. A woman, who was returning home from work, was robbed of money in the amount of UAH 3,000.

The next day, the robbers attacked two women – on Bestuzhev street and on the vehicle bridge over the Uzh river. 





On January 20, on Lehotsky street, the offenders robbed a 63-year-old woman of her money in the amount of 1,200 hryvnia and a mobile phone.

The victims turned to the police and officers of the Criminal Police began searching for the robbers.

Soon, the investigators identified the first robber. It was a 16-year-old resident of the camp from the village of Haloch in Uzhgorod district. He was detained at home.

Despite his young age, the young man already has a criminal record for theft. And the police, in addition to Uzhgorod robberies, suspect him of involvement in thefts in Uzhgorod district.

The young robber confessed to committing the robberies. He showed the places where he would throw away the victims’ handbags. In particular, at a cemetery in Uzhgorod. Some bags have been found, they are now the material evidence in the case.

The second robber has already been identified, he is wanted by the police. Both robbers face criminal liability.


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