The police are looking for bullies who beat agitators

The statement has been recently filed with the police by the authorized representative of a political party, a resident of Svalyava. According to the applicant, four of his colleagues were attacked by unknown persons when they were campaigning for a candidate to Parliament from their political party in Mukachevo district.

About half past nine in the evening in the village of Verkhniy Koropets in Mukachevo district they were approached by nine unknown persons in three cars. Covering their faces with black turtlenecks, the attackers slashed tires on a "Mercedes" minivan of the campaign group, threatening with violence took the campaign materials for their candidate (newspapers, leaflets, calendars) and burned them all …

The hooligans are searched by the police, the matter of instituting a criminal case over this fact is being considered – repored the Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region.

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