The police are looking for a 13-year-old Uzhgorod resident, who left home and has not returned (PHOTOS)

Uzhgorod law enforcement officers are looking for a 13-year-old Uzhgorod resident, who, according to her mother, went to visit her grandmother and disappeared. The family members assume that the girl could have gone to Kyiv

Yesterday, April 28, a resident of the regional center of Transcarpathia made a report to the Uzhgorod police. The woman said her daughter, Valeria Domskova, had disappeared. The 13-year-old girl left home, telling her mother that she was going to visit her grandmother. However, on the way to her place, the girl called her grandmother and told her that she would go for a walk with her girlfriend.

After that, the family lost contact with the girl. Uzhgorod law enforcement officers found out that he girl could be in the capital. According to the mother, lately she has been corresponding in social network with a resident of Kyiv, who is currently being identified.

Description of the missing girl: 164 cm tall, medium built, blond hair, gray and green eyes. Braces on the teeth. She was wearing white jeans, white shirt, denim jacket, sneakers. She was carrying a backpack.

If you knows the whereabouts of the missing Valeria Domskova, please report to the police.

The Department of Communications of Transcarpathian Regional Police

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