The permit for non-stop operation of the “Rukavychka” was revoked

As reported, at the meeting of the executive committee Oleksandr Volosyansky made a proposal to revoke the "non-stop" permit for ABC "Rukavychka" on 8 Bereznya st. He stressed that all decisions on the around-the-clock trading contain the provision that the permit can be reviewed in case of valid complaints from residents. The Head of the Economic Department of City Council Mykhailo Stankovich supported Volosyansky, saying that the complaints had been confirmed. So, the permit for the "Rukavychka" was suspended, and thus the special commission will examine the store. Also the executive committee suspended the permit for karaoke club "Solo" at Fedynets st., 50 – because of the complaints from residents about the noise. The club will be the examined by the commission, and if the violations are not corrected, the permit will be canceled. In addition, the mayor ordered the appropriate services to conduct a number of inspections regarding the compliance with the requirements of around-the-clock trading. particularly focusing on the sale of alcohol to minors.

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