The Order of Maria Theresa will be awarded for the fifth time in Uzhgorod

The traditional honorary award – the Order of Maria Theresa – for a significant contribution to the development of Transcarpathia will be awarded for the fifth time in Uzhgorod. As this year is a "jubilee" since the foundation of the award by the Panovs family, in addition to the Order of Maria Theresa, there will also be special awards.

The recipient of the award has already been determined, however, traditionally, it will announced only during the celebration ceremonies, which will take place on May 3 at 3 pm in the Maria Theresa park (opposite the Greek Catholic Cathedral on Kapitulna Street).

The ceremony of the Order of Maria Theresa awarding, just like last year, will be attended by the descendants of the royal Habsburgs family – Sandor and Gertha-Margaret Habsburg-Lotringen.

There will be performances of the modern dance studio "Blitz" and teachers and students of Uzhgorod Music College.  

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