The only space laboratory Ukraine is dying due to lack of money – the rector says that he heard that (Video)

The Laboratory for Space Research of Uzhgorod National University is an example of the principle of residual financing of Ukrainian science, concludes Radio Svoboda. Despite the fact that even experts from other countries use the results of its work, for 20 years now it has not received a single penny for new equipment. 

The roof needs to be replaced, the ceiling leaks. Due to lack of funding, the staff is being steadily downsized. Since 1991 the number of employees has decreased three times, actually only enthusiasts remained, the supervisor of the laboratory Vitaliy Yepishev sadly notes.

Today, the institution is the only center in Ukraine, which monitors the unruly satellites. Therefore, a lot of countries need its help, and they turn to Uzhgorod scientists.

Obviously, because of the fact that the scientists’ "cry for help" was heard by the international honored edition, the rector of UzhNU Fedir Vashchuk assured that the university will keep the scientific division. First, the head of the university promised to repair the roof, and then to take care of the additional sources of funding for the laboratory, for example, to organize one of the tourist routes there.


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