The official site of the city council unexpectedly quickly published resonant decisions of the session – on the secrecy of voting and dismissal of Shchadey

The site of Uzhgorod City Council, breaking all records of efficiency, published the two most resonant decisions taken at the third plenary meeting of the XIV session of City Council of VI convocation.

This refers to the document, which, as previously reported, allows to conceal information of who and how votes at the session not only from public but also from the deputies and even heads of factions. The decision on dismissal of the council Secretary Victor Shchadey, who by the way was also expelled from the executive committee, has also already been published.

One can only guess what is the reason for this unexpectedly quick publishing of these decisions. Because yesterday wrote that no draft decision of those which were introduced at today’s plenary session, despite the requirements of the law, has been released.

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