The number of children willing to study at school forestries in Transcarpathia is increasing

On February 23, at the SE "Velyky Berezny Forestry", there was a meeting with heads, teachers and pupils of school forestries on "Problems of school forestries and ways to solve them," the press service of the Transcarpathian Regional Forestry and Hunting Range Administration informs. 

At the meeting, it was stressed that school forestries are a very important area of ​​activity in the forest industry, because its main purpose is to educate the younger generation on careful attitude to the forest and its inhabitants. And, equally important, it is a professional orientation of students, training of future specialists in forestry. 

They also discussed the expediency of school forestries, and their existence. In particular, plantation engineer of Velyky Berezny Forestry Serhiy Obrysky said that the foundation is forest education as part of environmental education – a study of the forest ecosystem. It uses active methods and forms of practical and project-based learning. Forest education not only gives knowledge but also involves the emotional side of a person, promotes the acquisition of practical skills and work full development of an individual. 

Summing up the meeting, the participants noted that forest industry is becoming more and more prestigious, which is evidenced by the increasing number of children wishing to study at school forestries. They also outlined plans to improve the credibility of young foresters through the establishment of school nurseries, popularization of forestry business, provision of financial assistance to school forestries, attracting students for spring tree planting, granting forestries small areas of the forest fund, and teaching the basics of forest management.

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