The NGO “Carpathian Sich” in Khust donated a car Chevrolet Blazer to the battalion “Aydar”

They performed repair work on the car for the ATO. The money spent: 3,000 UAH on the repair of the chassis. They bought and put new wheels for 5,400 UAH, replaced the steering knuckle – $ 70 and trunk glass – $ 100. 

They sent soldiers camouflage uniforms and food from the city residents. Also soldier Roman Nagy of the 128th Brigade was given four sets of military uniform. 

"I am very grateful to people who are not indifferent to the needs of the soldiers. We thank Vasyl Dyiak and all who helped to raise funds for the car. A passer-by came up and gave 300 pairs of warm socks, Lypchy Mykhailo, the head of the hunting and forest husbandry trasferred 6,000 UAH for military uniform. We sincerely thank you all." – Oleksandr Shutko, the head of Khust cell of the "Carpathian Sich" and volunteer of the battalion "Aydar" said.

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