The newly established commissions are preparing for the regular session of the Regional Council

December 17, according to the schedule approved by the Chairman of the Regional Council Mykhailo Rivis, the commission for cross-border cooperation, tourism and recreation chared by Csaba Peter and the commission for ecology and natural resources chaired by Oksana Birov studied the materials of the second session of the Regional Council.

Later, there was the meeting of the Commission on Labour, Employment and Social Welfare chaired by Mykhailo Sofilkanych.  The meetings were attended by the first deputy chairman of the Regional Council Yosyp Borto.

          Then, there was a lively discussion about the proposed draft decisions and amendments to the existing sectoral programs relating to the areas of finance, health, higher and secondary education, culture, support media, minorities, social security, property issues. Heads of the relevant departments and divisions of the Regional State Administration gave weighted responses to comments, suggestions and questions of the deputies.

         The most important opinions expressed by deputies during the discussion of draft decisions will be considered, summarized and presented to the members of the presidium of the Regional Council the meeting of which is expected to be held, as usual, on the eve of the plenary meeting of the second session of the Regional Council of the VII convocation.

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