The new route 24 will start running next week

On Tuesday, November 26, in Uzhgorod, buses of the municipal enterprise "Uzhgorod municipal transport" will start running on the new route 24. So, in total 20 modern buses will be running on the streets of Uzhgorod.
The bus route will have a total length of 17 kilometers, with more than 30 stops each way. It will be running from Dravtsi residential district (from the entrance to the city) via Yuri Gagarin, Ukrainska, Ivan Ankudinov streets (near the school №11), railway station, Svoboda avenue, Mynaiska, Hrushevsky, Zankovetska, Lehotsky, Bobyak, Zahorska, Zakarpatska, Sobranetska, Griboyedov streets to UzhNU.
Below is the timetable, but it is provisional because the route is new, and the department of transport, public procurement and communication of the city council is expecting comments and suggestions from Uzhgorod residents (, tel. (0312) 61-62-85). Subsequently, the timetable will be adjusted according to the needs of the passengers.


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