The NBU reminded about the introduction of total certification of currency exchange starting from 2013

The National Bank hopes that further complication of the procedure for the exchange of cash currency will encourage citizens to invest in hryvnia.

As of January 1, 2013 the legislative provision, under which individuals will be required to present a passport not only when buying but also when selling cash currency, will come into force.
This was announced by the director of the Department of management of foreign exchange reserves and the implementation of operations at the open market of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksandr Dubikhvost during the third international conference Cbonds.
Dubihvost also expressed hope that the mandatory certification at the purchase and the sale of foreign currency will reduce the citizens’ demand for it. "We hope that it will make investing in foreign currency even less attractive for the people", – he said.
The National Bank representative also added that certification at the purchase of the currency allowed to reduce citizens’ demand for it very sharply. "Whether good or bad, but it gave the result," – said Dubikhvost.


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