The National Guard canceled the solemn handing of arms to recruits in the Uzhgorod castle

As we announced with reference to the local unit of the National Guard of Ukraine, an interesting event was to take place this morning in Uzhgorod. Namely – the delivery of weapons to the recruits, which was proposed to hold solemnly, in the heart of the city – the Uzhgorod castle. This was reported by the Information and Communication Group of the Military Unit 3002.

A lot of journalists came to see the event and support young soldiers. And – they were disappointed. The event was canceled. Without a warning. Or rather, as they found out after multiple calls, it was relocated. They did this, citing the "weather conditions", although there was no rain in the city.

Only in the afternoon, after outraged posts of journalists in social networks, the media received an email from the same information and communication group with apologies.

"We apologize for the cancellation of the event, which was to take place on June 15 at 10:00 in the historical part of Uzhgorod. Due to a number of circumstances related to the performance of the military tasks, the event could not have taken place. We know that it was a big inconvenience for you. We sincerely apologize for it. We hope that it will not affect our relationship," – the letter from the military unit reads.

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