The Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers will report for 100 days of activity (announcement)

On Tuesday, September 9, at 13.00, in Uzhgorod Press Club, there will be a press conference of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers. The participants of the event will tell how the movement was founded and what the people united by the idea of helping the ​​military actually do. Also they will tell who has received the aid from the Movement. They will also discuss original events that have been held in Uzhgorod and other localities of the region with the aim of raising funds for military personnel.

            "The situation in the country does not leave anyone indifferent. People want to help the army or citizens who have left or are still living in the A​​TO area. Transcarpathians also get actively involved: they start volunteer movements, demonstrating unity and desire for peace. We thank everyone who helps with their time, hands, mind. And especially those who contribute financially, because even a few hryvnias is already a big help. That is why we say that only TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!", – Galina Yartseva the coordinator of the Movement says.

The participants of the press conference:

Galina Yartseva, journalist, coordinator of the volunteer Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers;

Oksana Havrosh, art critic, curator of the "Charity exhibition and sale of paintings and works of art";

Antonina Stryapko, the deputy dean of the Faculty of International Relations of UzhNU, organizer of the "UzhNU Charity Book Fair";

Natalia Zotova, correspondent of the "1 +1" channel, coordinator of Mukachevo wing of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers;

Yevhen Kurdenko, international logistics manager, representative of Vynogradiv wing of the Movement to support Transcarpathian soldiers;

Serhiy Denisenko, photographer, initiator and organizer of the campaign "Photo of a patriot."

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