The most corrupt officials in Transcarpathia are judges, customs officers and deputies

Employees of the Economic Crime Department reveal violations in the work of officials in Transcarpathian region.

During the I half-year of 2017, officers of the Economic Crime Department in Transcarpathian region have drawn up and sent to courts 77 reports of administrative violations against officials of various levels for committing corruption offenses.

At present, the courts have made decisions on 28 administrative reports. The total amount of fines is 63,750 UAH.

The list of corrupt officials includes judges, customs officers, deputies, representatives of other authorities.

Recently, one of the judges made a decision in litigation in favor of a company in which he and his family members are shareholders, the judge in this case had a conflict of interest. Four other judges did not notify the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption about significant changes in property status.

Also, violations were found in the activities of two chairpersons of district councils, one deputy chairperson of district council and a deputy mayor who violated the requirements of the current anti-corruption legislation. They voted for granting themselves monetary bonuses. This, in accordance with the Law "On Prevention of Corruption" and the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses, is an administrative offense and entails administrative liability, namely: imposition of a fine or dismissal from office.

In addition, two heads of city council departments set for themselves monthly bonuses in amount of 200 to 500%.

And the head of the State Consumer Rights Protection Service in Transcarpathian region entered into agreements on car insurance with a private enterprise, whose director is a close associate of the said head.

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