The Ministry of Infrastructure hinders the turism development in Transcarpathia

In the face of fierce competition for tourists, Transcarpathia significantly falls behind on several fronts. According to the chief of the Department for European Integration, Tourism and Resorts of the RSA Oleksandr Marchenko, one of them is lack of proper transport routes from eastern and southern Ukraine.

During the preparation for the European Football Championship, all the major traffic flows were redistributed so that they went through the host cities. At the same time, in Transcarpathia they canceled the train route from Kharkiv and several trailer cars to other cities. Thus, the specialist summarizes, having advanced ski infrastructure, we do not offer convinient transport system – a Ukrainian tourist from the East can comfortably travel only to Lviv and to Uzhgorod they must get with transfers.

Oleksandr Marchenko is sure that it affects the development of tourism in the region, "A person, planning a vacation, decides how to get to their destination, and if it is difficult, with many transfers, they often refuse to go" – the official said in an interview to "Zamok."

According to Mr. Marchenko, members of the regional council have already appealed to the Ministry of Infrastructure to review the transport system.

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