The Minister promises graduates of national schools adaptation to external testing

For school graduates, whose mother tongue belongs to a different language group, the "passed / failed" threshold for external test in Ukrainian language will be adapted. This was reported by the Minister of Education Lilia Grinevich, the Osvita informs.

The Minister noted that for some Hungarian and Romanian language school graduates it is difficul to even talk in Ukrainian, since during 11 years in school they study Ukrainian only as a separate subject several hours a week.

According to the Minister, this is often not enough time for pupils to learn Ukrainian good enough to pass the test.

Lilia Grinevich also emphasized that now the Ministry and the government as a whole are trying to fix this situation and give more opportunities for these students to learn the state language.

In particular, it is envisaged that for children, whose mother tongue belongs to another language group, the "passed / failed" threshold for Ukrainian language tests will be adapted.

In addition, in the new State Standard of Elementary Education, more time is devoted to studying Ukrainian language from the first grade.

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