The Minister of Education believes that he must go to Uzhgorod to solve the problem with the Rector of UzhNU

At the official meeting in Kyiv, the rector of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, and now the Education Minister, Serhiy Kvit, who is from Uzhgorod, commented on the situation with the rector of UzhNU Fedir Vashchuk – the Chas Zakarpattya writes. 

According to Serhiy Kvit, this problem should be approached comprehensively, "We can not just issue an order that a person is dismissed, without any reason. To fire a person, one must express the complaints, document these complaints, and receive written explanations of the person in question. Then there are legal grounds. Or there is another situation, when a person, for example, does now show up, hides – it is a different situation altogether. I know about the events that take place in Uzhgorod. I think I need to go there. But it is not the only problem there. There are problems with higher educational institutions there in general," – the newly appointed Minister of Education of Ukraine said.

We remind, February 24 at the "revolutionary" session of the city council (when Pogorelov was "fired" from his post as the mayor), students and the faculty of Uzhgorod National University set the ultimatum before the rector Fedir Vashchuk: he must resign by 12.00 February 25, otherwise all the teachers resign.

February 25, it was noisy in the rectorate of UzhNU. There was an expanded meeting of the Academic Council, which was also attended by several hundred students. It was decided to apply to the Ministry of Education to hold special elections of the rector of university. Therefore, Fedir Vashchuk withdrew from performing the duties, and Fedir Shandor became the acting rector. Later that day, it was reported that Vashchuk actually went on vacation, and in the morning on February 27, Fedir Vashchuk formally appealed to F. Shandor that he would not run for the Rector’s chair in the early elections.

Several faculties of UzhNU have already expressed their no confidence to Vashchuk, in particular chemistry, medical and law faculty.

The Regional Council also asked Kyiv to dismiss Vashchuk.

Well, the passions around UzhNU are ongoing, the strike continues. We will wait for actions of the newly elected Minister of Education Serhiy Kvit.

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