The Military Commissariat urged deputies to be patriotic

The command of the Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat appealed to local governments (primarily to deputies of Uzhgorod and Mukachevo city councils) requesting to make a decision at the local level on providing benefits to soldiers participating in the ATO. 

In particular, it referred to the fact that despite granting the status of combatants to military personnel involved in the anti-terrorism operation, among residents of Mukachevo, there is a concern about social protection of servicemen and their families. Due to certain financial problems in the families of military personnel who are directly involved in the anti-terrorism operation, there is a high level of social tension among them.
As an example of a conscious attitude of local authorities and governments to these problems, members of Kyiv, Ternopil and other city councils decided to exempt participants of the anti-terrorist operation and their families from payment of utility fees.
The command of the Transcarpathian Regional Military Commissariat in conjunction with the Coordinating Council established under the Transcarpathian RMC appeals to deputies of Mukachevo City Council with the proposal to consider at the meeting of Mukachevo City Council the issue of granting benefits to servicemen who have been (are) directly involved in the anti-terrorist operation, ensuring its implementation and protecting the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, namely to provide for this category of  Mukachevo residents a number of benefits that would reduce social tension and financial burden on these families

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