The meeting of the new Chairman of the Regional Council with the new Consul General of Hungary in Uzhgorod

On Monday, December 7, the Consul General of Hungary in Uzhgorod Jozsef Buhayla visited the Transcarpathian Regional Council.

First, the venerable guest congratulated Mykhailo Rivis on his election as the Chairman of the Regional Council and the Local Government Day and wished him success in the new position. He personally handed the Chairman of the Regional Council letters of congratulations from the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary Peter Siyarto and the Secretary of State for Economic Diplomacy Levente Modyor. Then, the head of the diplomatic department who headed the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhgorod on Friday, expressed hope for further close cooperation in various fields, in particular in the development of border and road infrastructure.

In turn, Mykhailo Rivis sincerely thanked for congratulations and stressed that mutual respect, trust and cooperation between the two countries is in the interests of Ukraine and Hungary, enhance bilateral relations between the border regions, which are built on traditional cultural, family and friendly relations. He said special thanks for the position of Hungarians in supporting the territorial integrity and European integration.

Finally, the diplomat stressed the importance of supporting numerous national Hungarian minority in the region by the local authorities.

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