The meeting about an international project on the development of energy efficient start-ups will be held in Uzhgorod tomorrow (ANNOUNCEMENT)

On Wednesday, December 26, at 12.00, in the Uzhgorod Press Club, there will be a press conference on the Danube Multinational Program DANUBE ENERGY + "Improving the Potential of Young Innovators in Launching Changes in Energy Efficiency in the Danube Macroregion", which is beginning in Transcarpathia. The participants in the project are the Danube macroregion, namely, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine (Transcarpathia as the target region of the Danube Strategy).

  An international consortium of organizations aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses and developing energy efficiency through the introduction of young innovators’ start-ups has been set up to implement the project. As of the end of 2018, Regional Alliances are being formed in each of the project countries, which will be actively cooperating with each other and implementing an integrated approach to energy efficiency development through support of young innovators in the field of small and medium-sized businesses.

  The participants of the meeting:

Natalia Nosa, project manager, head of the Center for European Initiatives, Uzhgorod

Oleg Luksha, DANUBE ENERGY+ project expert, consultant of Transcarpathian regional department of Ukrainian cities.

Yevheniya Drahula, UzhNU, DANUBE ENERGY+ project manager

The project will continue until July 2021. During this period, joint instruments for business acceleration in the Danube macroregion will be formed, support for innovative startups in the field of energy efficiency in Transcarpathian region will be provided, pilot projects will be implemented, and also the Danube Energy+ Hubs Center will be established and integrated into the joint network of similar hubs in other countries of the Danube macroregion.


The event will be held at 12.00 in the premises of Uzhgorod Press Club at:

the city of Uzhgorod, Zhupanatska Sq., 15/4

Representatives of all media are invited.

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