The Mayoress advises Uzhgorod residents to take care of their health

An interesting experiment – a day in the mayor’s chair for Anna Feyer – has finished.

The young woman received the opportunity to work as the mayor as a present from her husband, who had bought this lot at the auction of Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk.

During her "mayor’s term" Anna attended the reception of citizens at the mayor’s office, visited several meetings, including a weekly meeting with municipal services, and participated in a traditional inspection of the city.

So, asked the "one-day mayor" about her impressions. Not everything is so easy and simple as it might seem on the side – it was the first thing the woman said. And she admitted: the greatest impressions had been left after meetings with citizens, where people came with their problems.

"I expected that the situation in the city would be slightly better, but in fact not everything is the way we would like it to be.During the meetings I made a lot of conclusions. I saw that the situation with unemployment is very critical. Many people need work, need social security, financial security and housing. However, I saw that the mayor addresses issues of each person, intends to solve every problem, even though some of them are really difficult to solve – for example, many people came because of problems with health.

As for the chair (and the lot was called "a day in the mayor’s chair") it was not so simple – Anna had only a few minutes to really be in the office of Mayor: almost all the time she spent either at meetings and conferences, or in the city.

"Yes, I spent only a short time in the chair of Victor Pogorelov.It turned out that the office of the mayor is the city and its streets. You know, when you are in the chair – it is like a rest (laughs). I also saw that the city is a complex mechanism. Especially when you are the mayor – you are responsible for its operation."

"This job requires training, character and … perhaps God’s blessing." As for the qualities of character required for this post, Anna said: "Firstly, responsibility.A person must be a strong character, have his or her own principles and own strategy. It must be spiritual person. And humane. And – have some piece of good luck, which is also very important."

"This is a daily challenging job and a huge responsibility," – "Lady Mayor" concluded.As to whether she would like to be a real mayor, Anna honestly answered, "No. I’m not ready for that."

And finally Anna expressed interesting observation, which also stems from the experience of citizens reception: "Most people who come to authorities with their problems are people who have health problems and are poor, which also stems from their well-being.So I would like to wish Uzhgorod residents to better care about themselves, their health, cherish themselves and their family. If citizens feel better our city will be better too!".


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