The mayor’s office asks advertisers to pay for space for billboards “to avoid misunderstanding”

On October 18, in the small hall of Uzhgorod City Council there was a meeting, where the issue of aesthetic appearance of the city advertising media (billboards and city lights) was discussed.  Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov said that during the campaign not only the number of advertising media should increase, but also fees for their installation should increase accordingly.

Also, entrepreneurs who work in the advertising field and place advertising media in the city were reminded that the decision to raise fees for advertising, in terms of increasing it to the level of VAT, had been adopted at the last session of the city council. In addition, the Uzhgorod city government asks entrepreneurs to repay for the allocation of advertising space in order to avoid any misunderstanding, – informed the press service of the city council.

However, the municipality did not inform how much advertising agencies owe to the city and whether the inventory of advertising media have finally been made.

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