The Mayor of Uzhgorod to suburban villages: we have your children!

Uzhgorod Mayor Victor Pogorelov is outraged by the statements of village heads, claiming that the regional center takes the land away from them. He said that during the extraordinary meeting of the executive committee today, February 27.
According to him, since the independence, about 800 hectares of the territory of Uzhgorod have been allocated to the villages. And that land shall belong to the city again, as stipulated by the Master Plan, which is currently undergoing discussion and revision.
Pogorelov calculated that 1607 children from suburban villages – Mynai, Onokivtsi, Storozhnytsya, Baranyntsi – learn in Uzhgorod schools, 343 pre-schoolers go to city kindergartens. According to him, village councils should think about that before complaining about the Master Plan of Uzhgorod.

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