The Mayor of Uzhgorod: Executive Service is engaged in raiding

Today, on July 31, during a press conference, Mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov was asked how the conflict with the Executive Service is being solved.

"The situation has not changed yet, – he said. – The management of Executive Services simply does not understand what a difficult position it puts us in. We have been planning to sell several large communal property units in August, and if we do not sell them, there will be no revenue for the state budget. I have already been told that this might be kind of a raider scheme of the city property capture. For example, the Executive Service will take away the dry cleaners on Belinskiy Street, which is now worth 4.5 million UAH, and then they will sell it only for 400,000 hryvnya that we owe according to the lawsuit".

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