The Mayor demands that the supermarket on Mynaiska street install a streetlight

At today’s meeting of the Executive Committee they discussed the issue of road safety, in particular on Mynaiska street. The situation is tense – they stated at the meeting.

The Mayor Victor Pogorelov emphasized that the city has taken into operation a large object – a supermarket, and has not instructed the owners to take care about the safety on the road. And there is a need of a traffic light there.

Since the owner of the supermarket asked about the registration of certain premises, the executive committee decided to oblige him to ensure safety on the road near the object. Moreover, there is also the issue of prolongation of the land lease, so "the city government has some leverage." Therefore they decided to instruct municipal transport commission (which regulates the matters of traffic safety) to consider the matter and make their suggestions. The technical issues concerning the registration of ownership for supermarket facilities were postponed to the next meeting – after the traffic lights issue has been solved.

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