The Light of Bethlehem is in Uzhgorod

Today scouts solemnly handed the Light to Transcarpathians, the Zaholovok reported.

The official handover of the Light took place at the Holy Cross Greek Catholic Cathedral. Anyone can light a candle and bring home a bit of the Light of peace, the door of the cathedral is open to everyone.Recall that the international annual scout event dedicated to the celebration of Christmas, during which the symbolic light lit at the birthplace of Jesus Christ is spread over the world, has been taking place since 1988.

The Light from Bethlehem is delivered to Europe in late November by Austrian scouts in a plane, and from Vienna it travels from hand to hand, in the so-called "Scout relay" all over Europe. From Austria, via Slovakia and Poland, in mid-December, the Light comes to Ukraine where the largest scout organization of Ukraine – Plast – takes care of it.

For the first time, the Light was brought to Ukraine back in 1992, but as a private initiative of some scouts. The official count is from 1998, when the Light was transferred to Ukraine at the customs checkpoint.

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