The library funds of the Museum of the Uzhgorod Castle have received the books of Francis Skoryna

The ceremony of transfer of the final part of the facsimile edition of "The Book Heritage of Francis Skoryna" consisting of ten volumes, as well as the special volume "Vyartanne" ("Return") to the largest libraries and museums of Ukraine, including the Transcarpathian Regional Museum, took place in the embassy of Belarus in Kyiv. 

The director of the National Library of the Republic of Belarus Roman Motulsky informed the participants of the meeting about a large-scale project supported by the President of Belarus for collecting and publishing the literary heritage of the first printer F. Skoryna. 519 publications of this author have been found in many countries of the world.    

Researchers believe that the translations and publicaitions of Francis Skoryna are based on the Venetian edition of 1506. As an additional source, he also used Latin-Roman theological comments. The basis of the publicaitions is the Church Slavonic text.

The Psalter is the first printed Belarusian book. In total, in 1517-1519, Skoryna published in Prague 20 ancient biblical books under the common title "The Rus Bible", including Psalter, Job, Proverbs, Sirach, Wisdom, Kingdom, Navin, Deuteronomy, etc. F. Scoryna’s Bible is not a church and not a purely academic publication, it’s the first edition of the Sacred Scripture for home reading. The translation, structure and artwork – all serves the enlightenment purpose. 
F. Skoryna was born in Polotsk about 1490. In 1506 he received the first degree – bachelor, and later doctor of "free arts". This gave Francis the right to enter the most prestigious faculties of universities in Europe. In 1512, in the city of Padua (Italy), he received a high rank of Doctor of Medical Sciences. 

The first part of "The Book Heritage of Francis Skoryna" was transferred to the above mentioned institutions in May 2016. 

At the invitation of the Embassy, ​​the Deputy Director of the Museum for Scientific Work MV Delegan took part in the ceremony.

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