The Jewish Uzhgorod will be shown tomorrow

Tomorrow, December 16, there will be another excursion of the series of free tours, which are held every week during this month. This one will be devoted to the Jewish community of Uzhgorod and buildings that once belonged to them, informed the Zaholovok.

For the record, before the Second World War, Jews accounted for 40% of the Uzhgorod population. Igor Radomyslivskiy will tell about their lives and influence on the development of the city. Everyone will be able to learn interesting facts about Uzhgorod Synagogue (now – Philharmonic) – one of the most beautiful in Europe, and – about the other buildings that once belonged to the Jewish community.

Open tour "The Jewish Uzhgorod" traditionally begins from Teatralna Square on Sunday, December 16 at 14.00.

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