The interior of interwar modernism was preserved in Uzhgorod (PHOTOS)

The building of the Uzhgorod post office was built in 1930 and is located at the entrance to the modernist Maly Galagov quarterUzhhorod Modernism informs.
When you enter the two-story atrium of the building from a semi-dark corridor, the Florentine syndrome is guaranteed – this temple of light with a preserved interior is simply amazing. A giant glass ceiling, a huge window-thermometer on the stairwell, glass partitions under the stairs, glass panoramic windows on the second level, transparent panels with glass blocks on the floor – light penetrates this air space and puts you in a state of weightlessness. 
In the atrium of the building, the sense of time and space is lost. It is as if you are in a time machine, but it is not clear where it took you – to the past or to the future. Absolutely futuristic shapes and space geometry are combined with almost steampunk brass elements. 
No, it’s still a thing of the past. Interwar modernism. The work of the genius Josef Gočar, recognized as the most outstanding Czech architect of the XX century. The living embodiment of functionalism in glass, concrete and metal is the former post and telegraph government of the First Czechoslovak Republic. 
This building was built in 1930 and is located at the entrance to the modernist Maly Galagov quarter. We hope that one day this quarter will deservedly be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. 


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