The index of local authorities visibility in Uzhgorod has improved (Infographic)

Today, November 11, in Uzhgorod, the OPORA presented the results of a nationwide measuring of the index of local government visibility.

 The coordinator of the project "Measurement of the index of local government visibility" in Transcarpathian region Sviatoslav Babilya told about the project and the results concerning the city of Uzhgorod.

 The adminsitrator of Uzhgorod city executive committee Oleksandr Volosyansky took part in the discussion of issues related to the visibility of the City Council.

So, according to the measurement in 2014, the index of visibility of Uzhgorod City Council is 43%. Thus, Uzhgorod occupies 17-19 places with Poltava and Zhytomyr among 24 cities – participants of the measurement. Compared to the last year, the index of visibility of Uzhgorod has increased by almost a quarter, or 11 percent in absolute value, thus changing the level from "non-public" to "low-visibility".

First of all, the executive bodies have improved their visibility (from 30% to 47%), as well as members of the city council (from 27% to 40%). The visibility of the mayor has bearly changed, the index is 42%, while in 2013, it was 41%. It should be noted that, in contrast to 2013, the figures for these subjects are almost identical, whereas last year the gap between the indices of city council members and the mayor was 14% (27% and 41% respectively).

Accountability remains the most problematic issue for the mayor, executive bodies, city council members. There is no public access to reports on the work of executive bodies, on implementation of regulatory policy, the work of parliamentary committees, reports on the work of deputies, most of the reports on the implementation of targeted programs, etc.





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