The Hrybovychi tragedy could repeat itself at the largest Transcarpathian landfill in Barvinok

Following the tragedy at Hrybovychi landfill near Lviv, journalists learned about other dangerous Ukrainian landfills, the writes. Even official institutions do not know the exact area of ​​the country’s landfills, but they occupy about 7% of Ukraine, and their total area is approximately equal to the area of ​​Switzerland. Environmentalists claim that today in Ukraine there are about 6000 legal landfills and more than 35 thousand illegal dumps. Every year, Ukrainian landfills expand by about 15 million tons.

And even if they immediately start sorting and recycling waste, thousands of hectares of fertile Ukrainian land will become suitable for cultivation no less than 300 years later.

The list of the largest Ukrainian landfills includes the one in the village of Barvinok in Uzhgorod, where waste from the regional center are dumped. The current state of this big landfill suggests that the same tragedy that happened at Hrybovychi landfill could happen here.

By the way, at end of the last year, the Cabinet allocated nearly UAH 1.5 million for reclamation of Uzhgorod landfill. And in January, Bogdan Andriyiv announced his intention to arrange a new landfill for Uzhgorod, because experts predict that the capacity of the existing one will be exhausted in August-September this year. However, any further steps in resolving this problem have not yet been mentioned.

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