The holiday was a success: Mikolajczyk’s playground may have more towers!

Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk already sums up his Second charity reception held on 20.12.2012. In general, he decided that it can be considered as successful as the previous one, which was aimed at raising funds for the installation of safe pedestrian crossings near schools. This time the goal was no less extensive – building the best playground in the city. At the auction within the reception, four towers of the playgrounad were sold – buyers now have the right to give them names of their choice, and their children can even personally install a special plaque at the opening. However, Mikolajczyk’s headquarters send news: interest in the project has not abated and some people have volunteered to further support this idea. So there may be more towers on the playground… Meanwhile Mikolajczyk tells who made the construction of the playground possible.

Primarily the little miracle worker thanks to all his guests and partners. The participation in the project is already helpful. He sincerely hopes that all were amused on the special event! As for the auction – well then, everything in order.  



Thus, the first lot – vintage wine in a handmade box with painted glasses – was bought by the manager of one of the city hotels Mykhailo Lahosh. As for the other bottle (10-year-old Merlot!), it was sold to another Mykhailo – Kachur.


As an "appetizer" to the vintage drink he received two baskets of eco-products from Vynogradiv district.


The third lot went to Ms. Oksana Vashchuk – she bought handmade toys by Roksolana Novak and the next morning she posted on her facebook page a photo with the comment that this year she would be especially happy to decorate a Christmas tree …


The next lot went to Volodymyr Panasenko – he will go on a fascinating tour of Uzhgorod roofs from Vladislav Tovtyn.   


A unique lot – master class in alpine skiing from the champion of Ukraine, member of Olympic team and, indeed, one of the best snowborders in the world – Annamarie Chundak – went to journalist Irina Breza. She admitted that it was a gift to her husband Oleksandr, who is fond of skiing. 


Marina Fedchyk will make an exclusive doll for Mrs. Xenia – the wife of Volodymyr Chubirko.  


Inga Andrashko received not only the set of trademark lollipops from Valentyn Shtefanyo, but also the right to take part in a master class in their production from our famous pastry. Myroslava Kachur bought a bright yellow city-bike – for her eldest daughter Natalia.  Mrs. Anna Feyer will also receive an interesting surprise: her husband Yevhen admitted that it is her that he had bought the special lot – a day in the chair of Uzhgorod mayor! – for.   


Meanwhile, one of the most expensive lots – personal pen of the "governor" of Transcarpathia – went again to Volodymyr Panasenko.   


The next lot – the icon from St. Nicholas Cathedral in Bari, Italy – was bought by Ms. Oleksandra Bodnar. Then it came to the central lots – playground towers. The right to name the first one, the Northern, was given to Victor Bobita. The Southern one – to Volodymyr Chubirko. Eastern went to Vladyslav Adam. And the Western one was bought by a charming couple Tetyana and Oleg, who were late for the reception, but as soon as they came they immediately joined in the auction and won the fourth tower, apparently, being aware of the purpose of their visit to this special holiday – bringing joy to all the children of Uzhgorod. 


As for the main lot (the certificate for a real star with the right to choose it in a certain constellation of zodiac sign and name it together with a powerful telescope and a tour to UzhNU observatory), it went to Rector Vashchuk. 


As Fedir Vashchuk informed, he would deal with the star personally, but leave the telescope in the "headquarters" of this year’s Reception, so that Uzhgorod citizens attending this establishment could watch the stars. 


So Mikolajczyk, rejoicing that such good and useful things still happen, began to summarize the results and plan the next task.

With great thanks to everyone for the support he informs: the auction raised a little more than 40 thousand hryvnias. 


"Together we are doing a good deed!" – he rejoices and promises to report all his next steps – inform the Helpers of Uzhgorod Mikolajczyk. And they can be quite interesting … Little Uzhgorod helper of St. Nicholas never tires to remind: miracles do happen!

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