The holiday is coming! Writer campaign will be held again in Uzhgorod (Announcement)

"Writer at the Counter" is a traditional event, which has its own history dating back to the "Books at St. Nicholas" festival, which took place in Uzhgorod.

During December, the most famous writers of the region will be waiting for their readers for autograph sessions and communication.

This is informed by the initiator of the campaign and book rating Fedir Shandor. The campaign starts today, December 1, and will last for two weeks, until December 15.

Such writers as Andriy Sholtes, Oleksandr Havrosh, Andriy Lyubka and Myroslav Dochynets have already agreed to participate, and the first one will be scholar Roman Ofitsynsky.

Here are some known dates when the writers will personally be waiting for you at the counter:

1.12 – Roman Ofitsynsky; 4.12 – M. Dochynets; 6.12 – A. Shyp; 7.12 – A. Sholtes; 14.12 – A. Lyubka and 15.12 – O. Havrosh.

To be continued!


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