The head of the Transcarpathian Regional Administration demands the officials from the Yanukovych times to resign

The head of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration Vasyl Hubal appealed to civil servants and law enforcement officers of the region, who worked in senior positions under the President Yanukovych, asking them to resign voluntarily. 

The new head of the region appealed to all who were in leadership positions – from regional and district state administration to the Forestry Department and State Emergencies Service – asking them to resign immediately.

This requirement applies to all without exception, regardless of who formally dismisses these local leaders – the head of the RSA or central authorities. 

"As the head of the RSA, I will never allow any delays, no exceptions and no compromise on this issue. Dismissal of corrupt Yanukovych’s team is not my whim and not a witch hunt. It is the demand of Transcarpathian community and it must be done immediately," – Vasyl Hubal said. 

 He is convinced that such clean-up of Transarpathian authorities will be a real lustration, regardless of when the law adopted by the Parliament actually begins to act.

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