The head of the Regional State Administration asked the Ukrzaliznytsya to provide for another additional train to Uzhgorod

In a few days, sakuras will start blossoming in Uzhgorod. Thousands of tourists from all over Ukraine come to see this miracle, and it is almost impossible to buy train tickets to Uzhgorod. For the next weekend (April 13-15 and April 20-22), almost all seats from Kyiv to Uzhgorod and back are sold out, only a few dozen tickets are left. And those will be sold out too in a couple of days.

– From April 27 to May 4, there will be an additional train "Kyiv-Uzhgorod" for May holidays, but the next and subsequent weekends, there will be a shortage of passenger seats, – Hennadiy Moskal says. – Therefore, many people, who want to visit Uzhgorod in the middle of April and enjoy the sakuras, will not be able to get here by train. In this regard, the Regional State Administration asks the "Ukrzaliznytsya" PJSC to provide for an additional train "Kyiv – Uzhgorod" and back for 13 to 15 and 20 to 22 of April. Many Ukrainians consider Transcarpathia the best place for tourism in the country, and sakura flowering is a great reason to come to Uzhgorod. Therefore, we hope that the Ukrzaliznytsya will not let us down.

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