The Head of the Land Department of Uzhgorod City Hall resigned. To stay out of trouble?

As found out, the Head of the Land Department of Uzhgorod City Council Tetyana Marukhnych had resigned. March 20, the order of dismissal by mutual agreement was signed. This formulation gives an opportunity to register at the employment center.

Currently, Tetyana Marukhnych does not comment on the reasons for her dismissal, but it is clear in view of the issues to be considered at the tomorrow, March 29, Uzhgorod City Council session.

As previously reported, the former Secretary of the City Hall Victor Schhadey on his page in Facebook wrote that "Pogorelov plans massive land despoilment" even despite the moratorium on the distribution of land, including significant pieces of Shvabska street and the "Pidzamok" park, and also to "legitimize" plots beneath the kiosks that were granted to the "right" people.

We can assume that Marukhnych did not want to be involved in illegal dealings of the mayor, refused to sign the documents and therefore, despite having three children, decided to resign and prefers to receive unemployment benefits rather than go to jail.

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