The gynecologist, who took bribe, was fired, the management of the maternity hospital was reprimanded

The chief physician of the Uzhgorod City Maternity Hospital and the head of the department, where the doctor suspected of extortion worked, were reprimanded. The relevant decisions were signed by Uzhgorod Mayor Bohdan Andriyiv.

As for the doctor suspected of extortion, he was fired, law enforcement agencies are currently conducting an investigation, a decision on the case will be taken by the court after the investigation. According to the article of the Criminal Code, the doctor faces up to 12 years in prison.

Yesterday, the mayor held the meeting with the medical staff of the maternity hospital – in connection with the incident last Friday, when law enforcers recorded that the doctor was demanding an unlawful benefit from a pregnant woman’s husband.

"Such things are unacceptable. The city council secured funding for all medical institutions in Uzhgorod: the maternity hospital, the central city hospital, and the children’s hospital. We are close to 100% provision with medical products that are set forth in the National List of Essential Medicines (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 180) and should be provided to Uzhgorod residents free of charge. New medical equipment was bought, repairs were carried out in the premises. I respect medical doctors’ work, the only requirement is to abide by the legislation and provide high-quality medical care," – Andriyiv said.

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