The group of Afghans was detained by the Transcarathian border guards

Another group of ‘seekers for happiness’ were detained on the territory of the border checkpoint ‘Onokovtsi’ of the State Border Service Department ‘Uzhgorod’ on May 23, – informs the Chop border squad press service.

The presence of unknown people in the forest was revealed by means of listening by the border squad and immediately reported this to the subdivision. The tracker dog proceeded in the case with the arrival of the executive group, which has revealed a group of 8 people who were hiding in the bushes. In general, the detention of unknown operation lasted for 20 minutes.

Among the detained were 4 men, two women and two 9 months and 2-year children. As in most cases, when the illegal migrants get detained, ‘travelers’ did not have any documents which could identify personality. Where Afghans were going and their identification will be established later. The court will determine the decision under the law and their fate. The administrative legal proceedings and operational verification measures are held at the moment in order to establish the possible involvement of Ukraine citizens to the illegal immigrants transferring. We want to remind that the Law presupposes 7-year imprisonment for the assistance to illegal immigrants to move through the Ukraine’s state border.  

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