The government wants to “rob” local budgets – opinion

MP of Ukraine, the leader of the United Center Victor Baloha appealed to the heads of regional state administrations, chairmen of regional councils, mayors of regional centers with a request to urgently make every effort to prevent changes to the Budget Code, which are contrary to the interests of the community. It says that "instead of the promised decentralization, government, under the guise of reform of intergovernmental relations, plans to rob local governments of the tax on personal income" – Victor Baloha wrote on his page in Facebook.

Today, he send such appeals to all chairmen of regional councils, all heads of state administrations and all mayor of cities of regional subordination.

"While we – MPs – protest against these changes, experts argue what they are harmful, people quietly complain in kitchens, the state machine is working. Changes are being prepared, plans are being drawn up, MPs are being "worked on". And it can be stopped only with active actions. I am not calling for revolution. But, we definitely can not be too alert these days. Because otherwise we will have problems for the whole year" – the MP says.

Full statement of Victor Baloha is  here.


Повний текст заяви Віктора Балоги – тут.

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