The government says that they are prepared for the bad weather. Meanwhile four Transcarpathians have suffered from frostbite

According to the deputy head for the labor and social security Vyacheslav Mykulets, this winter 4 cases of frostbite have been reported. 2 of them – in the new year 2013. They have formed supplies of food, water and medicine for social institutions of the region. At community centers in districts there are canteens for homeless and anyone who needs help. Overall the measures against bad weather were discussed on Thursday, 10 January, at a meeting of regional headquarters to coordinate local authorities, regional agencies, departments and organizations to respond quickly to emergencies related to adverse weather conditions in the winter.According to the Transcarpathian Hydrometeorology Center, during three days it will be snowing in the region, on the road there will be ice.  According to the deputy chief of the Road Service in Transcarpathia Vasyl Zayets, 52 pieces of equipment are engaged in clearing the roads of the region.  Today, at 5 mountain passes, 6 vehicles have been cleaning the roads since 6 o’clock in the morning. The roads at the passes are clear. Currently, the Road Service has a 10-day supply of salt, 20,000 tons of diesel fuel and 15,000 tons of gasoline.     Transcarpathian rescuers are also prepared for the weather. All vehicles are ready to go, recently they received stock of fuel to be used in case of emergencies.

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