The government plans to implement a double tax control

The Ministry of Finance initiates changes to the law on the audit which will make this activity dependent on the Ministry control. This was announced by the chief editor of the ‘Accountant’ magazine Alexandr Kirsh, informs The introduction of this law will deprive the audit of independence, said the expert.

The essence of the innovation lies in the Ministry intention to control the quality of audit services and give certificates for this activity. Thus, companies will find themselves under the double tax control: of the tax office and a kind of independent audit.

At the same time the essence of the audit lies in the fact that the customer of these services is a client who wishes to check the authenticity of his documents and does not require the state tracking. The auditors plan to continue the struggle. In the case of changes approval they promise to publish lists of deputies who voted for the actual creation of different taxation.

In order to improve the quality of the audit service control should be made by the audit chamber but not the state structure.

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