The government froze the growth of benefits for the disabled and veterans for 2013

Payments for disabled and veterans in 2013 will remain at the current year level. The level will be increased only if there are additional resources in the state budget.

Public service for the disabled and war veterans predicts that the level of social benefits for disabled and veterans in 2013 will remain at the level of 2012. This was stated by the head of the Service Volodymyr Maslakov, speaking on Wednesday, December 5, at a briefing in the Cabinet.
"Social benefits will not be lower than this year. If it is possible to increase the payments – they will be increased", – said Maslakov.
According to him, the payments will definately be made for such categories as veterans of the Great Patriotic War, invalids of group 1 and Chernobyl clean up veterans.
During the briefing Maslakov also said that by the end of this year, the disabled and war veterans who need extra care and assistance will be fully provided with wheelchairs and orthopedic products. Over the year some 300 disabled veterans will receive hearing aids, pacemakers, and necessary procedures in health care establishments.
According to Maslakov, following 2012 1788 cars, designed to meet the needs of the disabled, will be purchased. 


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