The government extended the quarantine until the end of the year

The relevant decision was adopted on October 13 at the extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 
Due to the growing number of Covid-19 infections, the Government has decided to extend adaptive quarantine in Ukraine until December 31, 2020. 
Also, government officials have changed the rules regarding the number of people allowed in mass gatherings. 
In the green zone it is proposed to allow mass events with no more than 50 people, subject to a social distance of 1.5 meters and mask wearing, in the "yellow" – no more than 30 people, in the "orange" – no more than 20. 
Sports competitions are allowed without spectators, except for international competitions, which can be held with spectators if approved by the Ministry of Health. 
Also, the Cabinet of Ministers recommends that secondary schools go on holidays from October 15 to 30, and recommends vocational and higher education institutions to introduce remote instruction from October 15 to November 15.

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