The former mayor of Uzhgorod Victor Pogorelov refused to tell a valid address of his son, who received a call to the army

Today, among the recipients of calls delivered by officers of Uzhgorod military office, there were members of the city council. However, none of the three was at home…

Every day, military officers deliver up to four hundred calls. Today, some "VIP-persons" received a chance to serve the country, but first – just to take a medical examination: it was the turn of city council members Heorhiy Shevchuk, Konstantin Datsyuk and Andriy Pogorelov, son of the former mayor. As to the first one, at the address specified in his personal file, military officers met his father, who said that the man was at work, however, did not tell the address of the office. The second one was not at home.

And at Andriy Pogorelov’s, the delegation met the father of the recruit – the ex-mayor Mr. Victor, who was dismissed by Uzhgorod residents during the revolution. He said that the son was not at home, he had long not been living there, allegedly, since he had left to work in Kyiv.

It is unknown why Andriy Pogorelov did not update the data, as required by the law.

When asked about the valid address of Andriy Pogorelov, Victor Pogorelov snapped, "I’m not telling you."

Thus, the military officers called Andriy Pogorelov, who suddenly turned out to be… in Kyiv.

However, he promised next week to come to the military commissariat voluntarily. They will wait for him.

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