The former “Madmen Palace” is now open for everyone

Neat and well maintained two-story house on the outskirts of Beregovo is unlikely to attract tourists with its appearance. However, not all indigenous residents of Beregovo are familiar with the subtleties of metamorphosis that happened with the former drug dispensary, writes the "Novyny Zakarpattya."

In Soviet times people who abused alcohol were forcibly treated there. Due to this quite noble purpose the building was popularly nicknamed "mad house" or "madmen palace" and susceptible to horror stories human imagination also housed a ghost here. At different times in this area dukes and earls lived, canned food was produced, alcohol was bottled, and then the consumers thereof were treated …

In the late 90’s the building complex was handed to the Office of Transcarpathian Reformed Church, which used funds from Hungary for reconstruction works. One of the buildings housed a small nursing home, and in the central one the archive and museum of the Church is situated. After a quality repair a new life began in the former mansion.

In March 2010, the church archive, museum and library were officially opened. Organizers crave to preserve, organize exhibits and present them for review and scientific study. And now everyone can enjoy the spiritual culture.


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