The first “Pomidornyk” in Uzhgorod

In the regional center of Transcarpathia, at Uralska street, 4 (behind Uzhgorod City Council), the first literary meeting of new format – "Pomidornyk"- will be held on June, 7 (18.00). Organizers invite authors who are willing to fight … with the audience. The main objective of the author is to capture the attention of the public so that he would not be sent out from the scene. To stay in the scene, the author should have his own texts and 4 minutes of time, and, as noted on the official VK page, good skills are the main element of participation.


For authors and visitors the dress code is expected – red elements.
Entry fee – 10 UAH.

For authors willing to participate – please fill in the following questionaire:


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