The first meeting of the new Parliament of Ukraine began with cries of “Shame!”

During the announcement of those present at the first meeting of the newly elected Parliament, today, December 12, when the chairman of the meeting Volodymyr Lytvyn called Mykola Azarov, the audience shouted "Shame!"

Before the meeting, when deputies and government officials were arriving to the Parliament, at the main entrance the group "Femen" began their action, but the naked girls were quickly neutralized by the police.

Deputies elected from the United Opposition came to Parliament in black sweaters with the words "Freedom to political prisoners" and collages depicting former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko in a frame of broken bars.

The text of the deputy’s oath was announced by the oldest deputy – Yukhym Zvyahilsky. Until 12:00 the newly elected members of the Parliament will be signing the oath with their personal signatures. 

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