The first death from coronavirus in Beregovo: details

Attention, city and district residents!
Information about the fatal case of COVID-19
A resident of Beregovo, born in 1952, was admitted to Beregovo District Hospital on April 8 at noon with a diagnosis of left-sided pneumonia.
She was delivered to the ER by taxi, where a rapid coronavirus test was performed. The test was negative.
According to the patient’s anamnesis, she had been sick for the past 2 weeks. She had not sought medical help. According to her daughter, no one had visited the woman in 2-3 weeks. That is, the patient had not contacted anyone.
The patient was admitted to the infectious diseases ward. The patient’s condition worsened. A sample for PCR analysis was taken from her and sent to the regional laboratory.
On April 9, despite treatment, the patient’s condition worsened, she had respiratory failure. A repeated rapid test for COVID-19 was performed and again was negative.
The patient was transferred to the ICU and connected to the ventilator. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, at 15.40 on April 9, the patient was pronounced dead. In the evening, it was reported by phone that the PCR test had confirmed COVID-19.
It should be noted that the patient had a number of chronic diseases. Please keep calm and observe the quarantine rules! It is especially important to limit your social contacts!
At this difficult time, we ask you to support the healthcare providers, because they are doing their best in this situation.
Observe the quarantine rules!
Stay home!
Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

Beregovo Central District Hospital

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