The first basic school in Transcarpathia has been determined!

The Ministry of Finance has selected 24 basic schools for "pilot" project. Initiated by the previous Minister of Finance Mrs. Natalia Jaresko, this project was initiated by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine jointly with the Ministry of Education and made possible thanks to the support of donors, including the US government, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, as well as "Microsoft Ukraine" company, which agreed to provide technical assistance to equip basic educational institutions. The project aims to improve the quality of education for children living and studying in villages and towns, and to increase the efficiency of the use of public funds allocated for education funding.

Under the Project, they selected one school in each region that will receive funds for the development of logistics. The said school will receive resources to repair facilities, purchase equipment and information and computer technology to provide high quality secondary education for children from rural areas.

The selection was conducted by independent representatives of the Project with international donors, the Western NIS Enterprise Fund and the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Preference was given to schools that will be enlarged under optimization. Thus, students from rural areas will be able to obtain high quality secondary education, which will be the basis for future studies and career.

On September 1, 2016, the updated schools will open their doors to the students.

The list of the selected basic schools as of 21.04.2016 p.


Source: Tsetsentralizatsiya power

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